Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hard Knox Pale Ale - Tasting

While San Francisco has a lot of great micro-breweries, they're all on the other side of the hill(s). So we have started a quest to find craft beer in the Richmond District.

We were also hoping to find something a little less obvious (everyone knows the 540 Club has a great beer selection). During our research, we discovered that Hard Knox Cafe is serving up their own house brew!

This was exactly what we had in mind. It was definitely news to us. We went to check it out.

Hard Knox Pale Ale:

It's sweet, perhaps a bit of honey, definitely some caramel notes, very light hops, and light bodied.

Some described it as "liquid corn bread." It did have a buttery flavor.

This beer is apparently at a commercial brewery but the recipe is theirs.

It did compliment the southern homestyle food, but more hops would have stood up to the spicy fried chicken.

So, next time your out our way, be sure to try Hard Knox Cafe Pale Ale.  Get a pitcher!

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